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Miriam Webster defines Juncture as “a point of time, especially one made critical by a concurrence of circumstances". It was certainly a concurrence of circumstances that brought Juncture Taproom & Lounge to existence, but there's more. Juncture also means a place where things join or come together and that's really what we like to focus on.  A place where passion and knowledge of Craft Beer merge together as one, a place where good customer service and friendly staff are unparalleled, a place where old friendships are embraced and  new ones are formed, a hub where craft beer tasting is an on-hands experience delivered by our beer connoisseur owner who is on site most of the time.   

Juncture Taproom & Lounge is conveniently located at the intersection of Mission Blvd & Montgomery Dr., on the border of Rincon Valley and Bennett Valley neighborhoods.  It’s a vibrant yet cozy atmosphere where people meet after work, a stroll in a park or bike ride in nearby trails in the popular Spring Lake, Howarth and Annadel State Parks. 

We look forward to seeing you soon.



Food tip #1_ if you like your wings cris
Rainbow at CTRL
Football+Craft Beer+Fresh Ceviche Tostad
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